Here you can download various packages in either an installer executable format (.exe) or as a 7zip archive. To use the 7zip archive, you will need a 7zip extractor, like 7zip.

Get the complete game. Note: Please do not redistribute this without the notice that the music is licensed separately!

Windows XP / Vista / 7 - 32 bit installer.

License(s): split (game: GPL; music: CC-by-nc-sa)

Installer Download

7zip complete package (game and music). Download

Get the game in its "lite" version. No music is included, but you may enjoy using your own music from a music player you are already familliar with. You may also copy the music you want into the game's music folders and you're set to go.
To add music to the game, just copy some mp3 files to the game folder's data/music/game and data/music/menu subfolders. If you want to use other music formats, such as FLAC, you will have to edit the Playlist.ini file with a text editor and change the file mask from data/music/menu/*.mp3 to something like data/music/menu/*.flac or data/music/menu/*.*.

Download Windows binaries.

License: GPL

Installer Download
7zip archive Download

Get the "official" music package. This is simply some music that goes well with the general feel of the game. The music comes from "General Fuzz", and if you like the tunes, you may want to visit his site to get some additional music: It's nice and it's free.

Music packages.

License: CC-by-nc-sa

Installer Download
7zip archive Download

If you encounter a problem with one of the installers of archives, please let me know. Any suggestions on improving the distributions are welcome. Please send them to me on the usual contact address (see the F.A.Q. page).