Frequently Asked Questions

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Q: I cannot start the game. I double click Serpents.exe and nothing happens. Nothing at all. What's the issue ?

A: This can sometimes happen following a game crash. What actually happened is that the game settings file got corrupted. My bad. To fix this, you should copy the [settings.ini] from the zip archive of the game into your game folder. Or just reinstall the whole game.

Q: I try to run the game, but I get an error telling me that some DLL such as d3dx9_38.dll is not found. What can I do?

A: This means you need to update your DirectX 9c installation. The easiest way to do this is to use Microsoft DirectX End-User Runtime Web Installer. As some have informed me by e-mail, you may download the files from other sites, such as dll-files and copy them to the Windows folder or the game folder, but I would advise against it due to the security problems it raises. Please use the official installer!

Q: When I change the graphic settings, I hit "Apply and Restart" but the application doesn't restart. What gives?

A: This is a known bug under Windows Vista/7. If you are experiencing this under Windows XP, please e-mail me (see next point).

Q: I think I found a bug. Can I be of help in getting it fixed?

A: Sure! Send information about it to thegusty999#at#gmail#dot#com. (replace #at# with @ and #dot# with .) Be sure to include "Serpents" in the mail topic, so that it doesn't get tagged by spam.

Q: The image looks a bit streched. What image aspect is this game designed for. Does it support wide-screen monitors?

A: The current version supports only the 4:3 resolution natively. Any other resolution will result in a streched image. I myself appreciate wide-screen monitors, so I will definitely add wide-screen support in the future.