Gusty's Serpents- is a 3D adaptation of the classic "Snake" like games in which the player controls a moving snake with the purpose of collecting different objects on the map. "Gusty's Serpents" permits a less restricted movement: the player can move in any direction on the plane. The game is written in C++, using the OGRE library as the graphics back-end, supporting both OpenGL and Direct3D rendering.

The binary versions provided will be targeted for the Windows operating systems, but if other people join the project maybe Unix versions will follow.

You can download the game by clicking on "Download" button below.
The music (music by general fuzz, is licensed separately (under a CC-BY-NC-SA license). In short, it is still free, but you can't distribute the music just as you would distribute the game, because the game allows you to charge a fee for the purpose of distribution, while the music package does not allow this. So please do not reditribute the full game+music package. When it comes to redistribution, please restrict yourself to the simple version (without the music).
Read the complete license texts to see all the differences occuring between the two liceses.

Click the arrow on the left to download the dual installer (game + music) for Gusty's Serpents version 0.203
Licenses: split (game: GPL; music: CC-by-nc-sa)
File type: installer/exe (Win32)
Looking for something else? Head over to the download page for more download options. Not a big fan of installers? You may download the individual packages (game, music) separately as 7zip archives.

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